Friday night was the big panic on the side of Steam users. Indeed, the gaming platform has experienced more than agitated Christmas since many users have been able to appear in other users personal data on their computer screen. So very problematic! The problem was quickly corrected side at Valve, but until today, we still did not know what the problem was.


That said, we still had tracks since according SteamDB twitter account, it seems that this was due to a cache management problem, not a cyber attack! Phew, we are reassured. Of course, seeing this, one is quickly panicked and only one thing in mind “and if someone uses my personal data?”. To reassure the crowds, a moderator of the Steam forum has nevertheless indicated 1that the team was working on solving the problem and that “credit and phone card numbers are masked, as required by law, and are therefore invisible to users


ONE VALVE awkward!

It was only much later that Valve has finally returned to this problem by telling Gamespot:


Steam works without known problem again. The consequences of a configuration change occurred earlier today (Friday, December 25, note), a caching problem, for less than an hour, allowed some users to see randomly generated pages for web other users. This problem has been corrected.


We believe that no unauthorized action has been permitted on the accounts apart from displaying cached information. No additional action is required on the part of users.


So this is a cache issue that allowed many users inadvertently discover other users’ personal data. If credit card numbers and phones are actually masked what about the email address used to login on the Steam site or the latest transactions on the platform? Valve does not communicate on this subject so we do not know if all this data was stolen. In addition, Valve says “We believe,” which is not necessarily very reassuring! We hope we will have other more accurate feedback from them.

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