iPhone attacks the autonomous cars


George Hotz, known for being one of the first to jailbroken iPhone, found a new playground: autonomous cars. The young hacker Bloomberg presented its autonomous car model, a very DIY approach …

This was a time that we had not heard from GeoHot: the young hacker was known to 17 years by offering the first iPhone jailbreak, and then had had a brush with the legal service following his Sony work on the PlayStation 3. was followed a lengthy trial, which had pushed George Hotz to lay low in the following years.

Since then, the US had turned to several companies, including Facebook and Google, leveraging his talents to the development of applications related to security.

Some make a house of cards. Other of connected cars

But the young GeoHot had obviously other hobby: as Bloomberg reports, it has been working to develop its own autonomous car in a fully DIY approach. Geohot has developed a first working prototype of his system, which takes the form of a kit consisting of several cameras and software developed by him able to analyze and interpret real-time data from images captured by six cameras as well as a lidar, laser remote sensing tool.

The car chosen by GeoHot is Acura ILX, but it was substantially changed by the hacker: he has changed the glove box to place a mini-PC, a network switch and GPS sensors.

A joystick is located at the shift lever so you can easily engage the autopilot, while a screen that allows the driver to interact with the software and the data recorded by the cameras. Everything works for now on Ubuntu.

The machine learning to learn driving

The approach taken by the researcher in his different methods traditionally employed in the sector: it has use of machine learning to let the artificial intelligence to learn by itself rules of conduct based on images from real conductors.

And GeoHot has ambition: he told Bloomberg that he plans to run to be able to sell its technology to automotive manufacturers or individuals who would also turn their car in standalone machine. No announcement or date yet, GeoHot still working on its prototype, functional recently.




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